About Us

SnipetheTrade.com is a leading Forex, CFD & education trading shop and signal provider that launched in May 2016.

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What we do

We monitor all major and minor currency pairs, commodities (gold, oil, silver, natural gas) and stock indices (S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE100, DAX, CAC40, Nasdaq and the Nikkei).

We monitor setups and triple filter them to only deliver the highest probability trades to our clients. All of our trades are discretional, meaning that we donĀ“t use robots or algorithms to trade the markets. The Forex EA you install in your MT4 is just a tool to deliver the trades with zero latency to our clients.

We run trading education seminars 4 times per year - arming our students with the knowledge to trade the markets with confidence.

Our trading team

Orlando Gutierrez, Head Trader

After graduating from high school Orlando studied International Business Management in France. During his time in university, his focus was statistics and probabilities as well as macroeconomics and economic policies studies.

Orlando has mentored a vast amount of beginner traders and sent them into the technical analysis of price action path; some of them are now part-time traders making a second income for themselves.

Orlando has been trading the markets and managing private funds for more than 6 years. All trades delivered to you come from his MT4 platform.

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